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Creating an affiliate program is an incredible opportunity to grow your company. The problem is most companies have no idea how to do it right. Without proper professional planning and execution, affiliate programs fail to reach expectations.

Creating an affiliate program doesn't have to be painful or frustrating. You don't need to feel anxious about this channel; you should be excited about growing it!

Coalition Marketing specializes in creating the perfect affiliate program. Based on your company's marketing niche and sales goals, together we will put the right pieces in place to help your affiliate program hit the ground running.

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Launching an affiliate program is not the right fit for every company. The end goal of our Exploration Call is to understand your requirements to see how Coalition Marketing can potentially help you find the right solution. If you think it’s a good fit, we’ll discuss next steps. If it's not, I can help guide you in the right direction.

Dustin Howes
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Coalition Marketing

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Your business is doing well and you are looking to expand into another marketing channel…but is an affiliate program right for you? Download this e-book to learn what questions you should be asking yourself before you dive into those waters.

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We start out with a competitive analysis, work within your budget to choose a tracking solution & commission structure, and establish goals.


We setup the program for success by creating a program that affiliates will want to join.


Announce to the world that your program is open for partnerships. We will promote to your loyal customers, social followers, and appropriate publications.

About Coalition Marketing

Coalition Marketing was created to improve the time and resources invested in the affiliate channel. Through the vision of Dustin Howes, you now have access to case studies and proven strategies of the world's most successful affiliate programs. We specialize in helping businesses create and grow their affiliate program.