Affiliate Recruitment - Please join my program...

Tired of begging affiliates to join your program? If you haven’t used a trained professional for affiliate recruitment, chances are likely that your program is not reaching full potential. Coalition Marketing has the answer to help you hunt down the right targets and fill your program with content affiliates.

Affiliate recruitment is hard work

Good content affiliates are often hard to find. And when you do find them, how do you get them to respond to your emails?

Well, it’s not easy. Good affiliates get hundreds of emails each day, asking them to create fresh content for all the affiliate programs around the world. Coalition Marketing knows this and we’ve learned the art of carefully crafted email outreach to gain the attention of affiliates. We’ve helped dozens of companies find the right targets and the right tone for affiliate recruitment.

Coalition Marketing
3 Step Recruitment Process


Hunt down 20 niche content affiliates that are focused on your product vertical. Then we find the best person to contact and best way to connect.


We develop a custom email outreach campaign to grab the attention of the affiliates and get your foot in the door.


We help your account managers learn how to use this targeted list to reel in big affiliates, negotiate terms, and grow the program with key partners.

The Affiliate Recruitment Package

Here is what your receive for a one time payment of $497:

-20 highly targeted niche affiliates for your vertical
-For each target: Company URL, monthly traffic stats, contact email, social profiles
-Custom email campaign, including “Sequence 5” timed followups proven to get result
-Hands-on training with account manager to guide your team to success